PDFRCW 43.19.715

Consolidated mail serviceArea served.

The director shall establish a consolidated mail service to handle all incoming, outgoing, and internal mail in the 98504 zip code area or successor zip code areas for agencies in the Olympia, Tumwater, and Lacey area. The director may include additional geographic areas within the consolidated mail service, based upon his or her determination. The department shall also provide mail services to legislative and judicial agencies in the Olympia, Tumwater, and Lacey area upon request.
The director may bill state agencies and other entities periodically for mail services rendered.
[ 1993 c 219 § 3.]


Reviser's note: The definitions in RCW 43.19.710 apply to this section.
IntentEffective date1993 c 219: See notes following RCW 43.19.710.