PDFRCW 43.20.148

Mobile food unitsCommissary and servicing area requirements.

The regulatory authority must approve a request for a mobile food unit to be exempt from state board of health or local health jurisdiction requirements to operate from an approved commissary or servicing area if:
(1) The mobile food unit contains all equipment and utensils needed for complete onboard preparation of an approved menu;
(2) The mobile food unit is protected from environmental contamination when not in use;
(3) The mobile food unit can maintain required food storage temperatures during storage, preparation, service, and transit;
(4) The mobile food unit has a dedicated handwashing sink to allow frequent handwashing at all times;
(5) The mobile food unit has adequate water capacity and warewashing facilities to clean all multiuse utensils used on the mobile food unit at a frequency specified in state board of health rules;
(6) The mobile food unit is able to store tools onboard needed for cleaning and sanitizing;
(7) All food, water, and ice used on the mobile food unit is prepared onboard or otherwise obtained from approved sources;
(8) Wastewater and garbage will be sanitarily removed from the mobile food unit following an approved written plan or by a licensed service provider; and
(9) The local health officer approves the menu and plan of operations for the mobile food unit.
[ 2019 c 185 s 2; 2018 c 167 s 1.]