PDFRCW 43.20.285

Health impact reviewsObtaining and allocating federal or private funding to implement chapter.

The state board shall, to the extent that funds are available expressly for this purpose, complete health impact reviews, in collaboration with the council, and with assistance that shall be provided by any state agency of which the board makes a request.
(1) A health impact review may be initiated by a written request submitted according to forms and procedures proposed by the council and approved by the state board before December 1, 2006.
(2) Any state legislator or the governor may request a review of any proposal for a state legislative or budgetary change. Upon receiving a request for a health impact review from the governor or a member of the legislature during a legislative session, the state board shall deliver the health impact review to the requesting party in no more than ten days.
(3) The state board may limit the number of health impact reviews it produces to retain quality while operating within its available resources.
(4) A state agency may decline a request to provide assistance if complying with the request would not be feasible while operating within its available resources.
(5) Upon delivery of the review to the requesting party, it shall be a public document, and shall be available on the state board's website.
(6) The review shall be based on the best available empirical information and professional assumptions available to the state board within the time required for completing the review. The review should consider direct impacts on health disparities as well as changes in the social determinants of health.
(7) The state board and the department shall collaborate to obtain any federal or private funding that may become available to implement the state board's duties under this chapter. If the department receives such funding, the department shall allocate it to the state board and affected agencies to implement its duties under this chapter, and any state general funds that may have been appropriated but are no longer needed by the state board shall lapse to the state general fund.
[ 2006 c 239 s 5.]