Chapter 43.20A RCW



HTMLPDF 43.20A.005IntentPublic involvement and outreach.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.010Purpose.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.030Department createdPowers and duties transferred to.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.035Inventory of charitable, educational, penal, and reformatory land.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.037Affordable housingInventory of suitable housing.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.040Secretary of social and health servicesAppointmentTermSalaryTemporary appointment if vacancyAs executive head and appointing authority.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.050Secretary of social and health servicesPowers and duties generallyEmployment of assistants and personnel, limitation.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.060Departmental divisionsPlan establishing and organizing.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.073Rule making regarding sex offenders.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.075Rule-making authority.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.080Data sharingConfidentialityPenalties.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.090Deputy secretaryDepartment personnel directorAssistant secretariesAppointmentDutiesSalaries.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.105Social worker V employeesImplementation plan.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.110Secretary's delegation of powers and duties.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.130Secretary or designee as member of state board of health.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.167Federal Older Americans Act of 1965Department to participate in and administer.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.168Community programs and projects for the aging.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.205Denial, suspension, revocation, or modification of license.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.215Assessment of civil fine.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.300Department as state agency for receipt of federal funds for vocational rehabilitationException.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.310Vocational rehabilitation, powers and duties of secretary or designee.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.320Consultation with coordinating council for occupational education.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.350Committees and councilsDeclaration of purpose.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.360Committees and councilsAppointmentMembershipsTermsVacanciesTravel expenses.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.390Per diem or mileageLimitation.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.400Purchase of services from public or nonprofit agenciesUtilization of nonappropriated funds.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.405Purchase of services from public or nonprofit agenciesVendor ratesEstablishment.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.410Purchase of services from public or nonprofit agenciesFactors to be considered.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.415Purchase of services from public or nonprofit agenciesRetention of basic responsibilities by secretary.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.420Purchase of services from public or nonprofit agenciesSecretary to provide consultative, technical and development services to suppliersReview of services.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.425Purchase of services from public or nonprofit agenciesQualifications of vendors.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.430Purchase of services from public or nonprofit agenciesRetention of sums to pay departmental costs.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.445State-operated workshops at institutionsAuthorizedStandards.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.465Contracted service providersDisruption or delay by economic or industrial actions.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.550Federal programsRules and regulationsInternal reorganization to meet federal requirementsStatutes to be construed to meet federal lawConflicting parts deemed inoperative.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.605Authority to administer oaths and issue subpoenasProvisions governing subpoenas.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.607Authority to appoint a single executive officer for multiple institutionsException.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.610Employment of deputies, experts, physicians, etc.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.635Services for children with disabilities.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.660Reports of violations by secretaryDuty of attorney general, prosecuting attorney or city attorney to institute proceedingsNotice to alleged violator.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.675Office of the deaf and hard of hearingEducational materials.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.680State council on aging established.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.685State council on agingMembershipTermsVacanciesChairpersonSecretaryCompensation of legislative members.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.690State council on agingMeetingsCompensation of nonlegislative members.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.695State council on agingPowers and dutiesBylaws.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.710Investigation of conviction records or pending charges of state employees and individual providers.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.711Receipt and use of criminal history information.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.715Long-term care worker screeningLimitations on disqualification.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.720Telecommunications devices and services for the hearing and speech impairedDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.725Telecommunications devices for the hearing and speech impairedProgram for provision of services and equipmentRules.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.735Domestic violence perpetrator programs.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.760Community and technical college students' eligibility for the Washington basic food program.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.765Mental health first aid training for teachers and educational staff.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.770Administration of statutes applicable to runaway youth, at-risk youth, and families in conflictConsistency required.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.790Homeless families with childrenShelter and housing services.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.800Vision services for the homelessCoordination.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.810Vision services for the homelessFunding.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.820Vision services for the homelessUse of used eyeglass frames by providers.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.830Vision services for the homelessProvider liability.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.840Vision services for the homelessThird party payers.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.845Vision services for the homelessProgram name.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.865Secretary to enter into agreements with health care authorityDivision of responsibilities.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.875Employee incentive program pilotWorkFirst program.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.880Training competencies and learning outcomes.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.885Dementia action collaborative.
HTMLPDF 43.20A.930Effective dateSeverability1970 ex.s. c 18.


Air pollution
limitation on other governmental units or persons: RCW 70A.15.3040.
personnel, employment of: RCW 70A.15.3030.
private establishments and institutions: Chapter 71.12 RCW.
treatment program, generally: Chapter 70.96 RCW.
Assisted living facility licensing: Chapter 18.20 RCW.
Certification of birth, death, or fetal death: Chapter 70.58A RCW.
Child welfare agencies: RCW 74.15.060.
Children, expectant mothers, persons with developmental disabilities, health protection as to agencies providing for, duties of secretary of health: RCW 74.15.060.
City sewerage systems, investigation: RCW 35.88.090.
Commission merchants, damaged or unfit products, certificate as to, issued by department: RCW 20.01.450.
Control of pet animals infected with diseases communicable to humans, secretary's duties: Chapter 16.70 RCW.
County sewerage and water systems, approval by department: RCW 36.94.100.
Criminally insane, rights, responsibilities and duties: Chapter 10.77 RCW.
Diabetes, policy for inservice training for school staff treating and monitoring affected students: RCW 28A.210.340.
Educational programs for residential school residents, departmental duties and authority: RCW 28A.190.030 through 28A.190.060.
Family preservation services: Chapter 74.14C RCW.
Fees for repository of vaccines and biologics: RCW 70.54.190.
Food stamps: RCW 74.04.500.
Health, department of, functions transferred to: RCW 43.70.900.
Hospital and medical facilities survey and construction
generally: Chapter 70.40 RCW.
secretary's duties: RCW 70.40.040.
state plan: RCW 70.40.090, 70.40.100.
Hospitals for individuals with mental illness, private establishments
conferences with management: RCW 71.12.530.
examinations generally: RCW 71.12.510, 71.12.520.
Independent youth housing program: RCW 43.63A.305.
Juvenile justice act of 1977, department and secretary's duties under: Chapter 13.40 RCW.
examination for compliance with: RCW 71.12.500.
examination of premises: RCW 71.12.480.
issuance: RCW 71.12.460.
Licensing of adult family homes: Chapter 70.128 RCW.
Medical assistance: Chapter 74.09 RCW.
Mental illness, department's duties relating to: Chapter 71.05 RCW.
Monitoring enrollee level in basic health plan and medicaid caseload of childrenFunding levels adjustment: RCW 43.41.260.
Mosquito control, duties in regard to: Chapter 70.22 RCW.
Nursing homes licensing, duties concerning: Chapter 18.51 RCW.
Occupational and environmental research facility advisory committee, membership: RCW 28B.20.456.
Occupational forecastAgency consultation: RCW 50.38.030.
Offices maintained at state capital: RCW 43.17.050.
Pediatric transitional care services: RCW 71.12.686.
Powers and duties, generally: RCW 43.17.030.
Public assistance: Chapters 74.08 and 74.09 RCW.
Purchase of products and services provided by entities serving or providing opportunities through community rehabilitation programs: RCW 39.26.230.
Residential schools and/or homes for children with disabilities: RCW 28A.155.040.
Rules and regulations of department: RCW 43.17.060.
Sanitation advice to local authority: RCW 70.54.040.
appointment: RCW 43.17.020.
chief assistants: RCW 43.17.040.
oath: RCW 43.17.030.
vacancy: RCW 43.17.020, 43.17.040.
Shellfish sanitation control: Chapter 69.30 RCW.
State otologist
appointment: RCW 70.50.010.
duties: RCW 70.50.020.
Temporary assistance for needy families: Chapter 74.12 RCW.
Victims of crimes, reimbursement by convicted person as condition of work release or parole: RCW 7.68.120.
Vital statistics: Chapter 70.58A RCW.
Working connections child care program, department's duties: RCW 43.216.826.