PDFRCW 43.20A.010


The department of social and health services is designed to integrate and coordinate all those activities involving provision of care for individuals who, as a result of their economic, social or health condition, require financial assistance, institutional care, rehabilitation or other social and health services. In order to provide for maximum efficiency of operation consistent with meeting the needs of those served or affected, the department will encompass substantially all of the powers, duties and functions vested by law on June 30, 1970, in the department of public assistance, the department of institutions, the veterans' rehabilitation council and the division of vocational rehabilitation of the coordinating council on occupational education. The department will concern itself with changing social needs, and will expedite the development and implementation of programs designed to achieve its goals. In furtherance of this policy, it is the legislative intent to set forth only the broad outline of the structure of the department, leaving specific details of its internal organization and management to those charged with its administration.
[ 1989 1st ex.s. c 9 § 211; 1979 c 141 § 60; 1970 ex.s. c 18 § 1.]


Effective dateSeverability1989 1st ex.s. c 9: See RCW 43.70.910 and 43.70.920.
Effective date1970 ex.s. c 18: *"Except as otherwise in this amendatory act provided, this 1970 amendatory act shall take effect on July 1, 1970." [ 1970 ex.s. c 18 § 69.]
*Reviser's note: Phrase "Except as otherwise in this amendatory act provided" refers to 1970 ex.s. c 18 § 67, uncodified, which pertained to laws amended in existing education code and as the same were reenacted in the new education code, effective July 1, 1970, not otherwise pertinent hereto.
Severability1970 ex.s. c 18: "If any provision of this 1970 amendatory act, or its application to any person or circumstance is held invalid, the remainder of the act, or the application to other persons or circumstances, is not affected." [ 1970 ex.s. c 18 § 70.]