PDFRCW 43.20A.080

Data sharingConfidentialityPenalties.

(1) The department shall provide the employment security department quarterly with the names and social security numbers of all clients in the WorkFirst program and any successor state welfare program.
(2) The information provided by the employment security department under RCW 50.13.060 for statistical analysis and welfare program evaluation purposes may be used only for statistical analysis, research, and evaluation purposes as provided in RCW 74.08A.410 and 74.08A.420. Through individual matches with accessed employment security department confidential employer wage files, only aggregate, statistical, group level data shall be reported. Data sharing by the employment security department may be extended to include the office of financial management and other such governmental entities with oversight responsibility for this program.
(3) The department and other agencies of state government shall protect the privacy of confidential personal data supplied under RCW 50.13.060 consistent with federal law, chapters 50.13 and 50A.25 RCW, and the terms and conditions of a formal data-sharing agreement between the employment security department and agencies of state government, however the misuse or unauthorized use of confidential data supplied by the employment security department is subject to the penalties in RCW 50.13.080 and 50A.25.120.
[ 2019 c 13 § 67; 1997 c 58 § 1005.]


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