PDFRCW 43.20A.695

State council on agingPowers and dutiesBylaws.

(1) The state council on aging has the following powers and duties:
(a) To serve in an advisory capacity to the governor, the secretary of social and health services, and the state unit on aging on all matters pertaining to policies, programs, and services affecting older persons;
(b) To create public awareness of the special needs and potentialities of older persons; and
(c) To provide for self-advocacy by older citizens of the state through sponsorship of training, legislative and other conferences, workshops, and such other methods as may be deemed appropriate.
(2) The council shall establish bylaws to aid in the performance of its powers and duties.
[ 1981 c 151 § 4.]


Effective date1981 c 151: See note following RCW 43.20A.680.