PDFRCW 43.20C.040

Federal matching fundsTraining fundsTraining provider.

(1) The department of social and health services and the health care authority shall identify components of evidence-based practices for which federal matching funds might be claimed and seek such matching funds to support implementation of evidence-based practices.
(2) The department shall efficiently use funds to coordinate training in evidence-based and research-based practices across the programs areas of juvenile justice, children's mental health, and child welfare.
(3) Any child welfare training related to implementation of this chapter must be delivered by the University of Washington school of social work in coordination with the University of Washington evidence-based practice institute.
(4) Nothing in this chapter requires the department or the health care authority to:
(a) Take actions that are in conflict with presidential executive order 13175 or that adversely impact tribal-state consultation protocols or contractual relations; or
(b) Redirect funds in a manner that:
(i) Conflicts with the requirements of the department's section 1915(b) medicaid mental health waiver; or
(ii) Would substantially reduce federal medicaid funding for mental health services or impair access to appropriate and effective services for a substantial number of medicaid clients; or
(c) Undertake actions that, in the context of a lawsuit against the state, are inconsistent with the department's obligations or authority pursuant to a court order or agreement.
[ 2012 c 232 § 5.]