PDFRCW 43.21A.510

State environmental profile.

In order to assist the department of commerce in providing information to businesses interested in locating in Washington state, the department shall develop an environmental profile of the state. This profile shall identify the state's natural resources and describe how these assets are valuable to industry. Examples of information to be included are water resources and quality, air quality, and recreational opportunities related to natural resources.
[ 2023 c 470 § 2035; 1995 c 399 § 66; 1985 c 466 § 51; 1984 c 94 § 2.]


Explanatory statement2023 c 470: See note following RCW 10.99.030.
Effective dateSeverability1985 c 466: See notes following RCW 43.31.125.
Findings1984 c 94: "The legislature finds (1) that a locality's natural environment is an important factor in determining where new businesses will locate, (2) that environmental regulations that preserve the quality of the environment can enhance economic development and the determination by new businesses where to locate and can lead to the creation of jobs and new industries, and (3) that some areas of the state have been and might be handicapped in their economic development efforts because of perceived environmental problems. Thus, the legislature declares that it is the policy of this state to recognize and emphasize the importance of the state's natural environment in its economic development efforts in attracting and maintaining businesses." [ 1984 c 94 § 1.]