PDFRCW 43.21F.045

Duties of departmentTransfer of powers and duties relating to energy education, applied research, technology transfer, and energy efficiency in public buildings.

(1) The department shall supervise and administer energy-related activities as specified in RCW 43.330.904 and shall advise the governor and the legislature with respect to energy matters affecting the state.
(2) In addition to other powers and duties granted to the department, the department shall have the following powers and duties:
(a) Prepare and update contingency plans for securing energy infrastructure against all physical and cybersecurity threats, and for implementation in the event of energy shortages or emergencies. The plans shall conform to chapter 43.21G RCW and shall include procedures for determining when these shortages or emergencies exist, the state officers and agencies to participate in the determination, and actions to be taken by various agencies and officers of state government in order to reduce hardship and maintain the general welfare during these emergencies. The department shall coordinate the activities undertaken pursuant to this subsection with other persons. The components of plans that require legislation for their implementation shall be presented to the legislature in the form of proposed legislation at the earliest practicable date. The department shall report to the governor and the legislature on probable, imminent, and existing energy shortages, and shall administer energy allocation and curtailment programs in accordance with chapter 43.21G RCW.
(b) Establish and maintain a central repository in state government for collection of existing data on energy resources, including:
(i) Supply, demand, costs, utilization technology, projections, and forecasts;
(ii) Comparative costs of alternative energy sources, uses, and applications; and
(iii) Inventory data on energy research projects in the state conducted under public and/or private auspices, and the results thereof.
(c) Coordinate federal energy programs appropriate for state-level implementation, carry out such energy programs as are assigned to it by the governor or the legislature, and monitor federally funded local energy programs as required by federal or state regulations.
(d) Develop energy policy recommendations for consideration by the governor and the legislature.
(e) Provide assistance, space, and other support as may be necessary for the activities of the state's two representatives to the Pacific northwest electric power and conservation planning council. To the extent consistent with federal law, the director shall request that Washington's councilmembers request the administrator of the Bonneville power administration to reimburse the state for the expenses associated with the support as provided in the Pacific Northwest Electric Power Planning and Conservation Act (P.L. 96-501).
(f) Cooperate with state agencies, other governmental units, and private interests in the prioritization and implementation of the state energy strategy elements and on other energy matters.
(g) Serve as the official state agency responsible for coordinating implementation of the state energy strategy.
(h) No later than December 1, 1982, and by December 1st of each even-numbered year thereafter, prepare and transmit to the governor and the appropriate committees of the legislature a report on the implementation of the state energy strategy and other important energy issues, as appropriate.
(i) Provide support for increasing cost-effective energy conservation, including assisting in the removal of impediments to timely implementation.
(j) Provide support for the development of cost-effective energy resources including assisting in the removal of impediments to timely construction.
(k) Adopt rules, under chapter 34.05 RCW, necessary to carry out the powers and duties enumerated in this chapter.
(l) Provide administrative assistance, space, and other support as may be necessary for the activities of the energy facility site evaluation council, as provided for in RCW 80.50.030.
(m) Appoint staff as may be needed to administer energy policy functions and manage energy facility site evaluation council activities. These employees are exempt from the provisions of chapter 41.06 RCW.
(3) To the extent the powers and duties set out under this section relate to energy education, applied research, and technology transfer programs they are transferred to Washington State University.
(4) To the extent the powers and duties set out under this section relate to energy efficiency in public buildings they are transferred to the department of enterprise services.
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