PDFRCW 43.21J.040

Environmental enhancement and restoration project proposalsEvaluationAward of funds.

(1) Subject to the limitations of *RCW 43.21J.020, the task force shall award funds from the *environmental and forest restoration account on a competitive basis. The task force shall evaluate and rate environmental enhancement and restoration project proposals using the following criteria:
(a) The ability of the project to produce measurable improvements in water and habitat quality;
(b) The cost-effectiveness of the project based on: (i) Projected costs and benefits of the project; (ii) past costs and environmental benefits of similar projects; and (iii) the ability of the project to achieve cost efficiencies through its design to meet multiple policy objectives;
(c) The inclusion of the project as a high priority in a federal, state, tribal, or local government plan relating to environmental or forest restoration, including but not limited to a local watershed action plan, stormwater management plan, capital facility plan, growth management plan, or a flood control plan; or the ranking of the project by conservation districts as a high priority for water quality and habitat improvements;
(d) The number of jobs to be created by the project for dislocated forest products workers, high-risk youth, and residents of impact areas;
(e) Participation in the project by environmental businesses to provide training, cosponsor projects, and employ or jointly employ project participants;
(f) The ease with which the project can be administered from the community the project serves;
(g) The extent to which the project will either augment existing efforts by organizations and governmental entities involved in environmental and forest restoration in the community or receive matching funds, resources, or in-kind contributions; and
(h) The capacity of the project to produce jobs and job-related training that will pay market rate wages and impart marketable skills to workers hired under this chapter.
(2) The following types of projects and programs shall be given top priority in the first fiscal year after July 1, 1993:
(a) Projects that are highly ranked in and implement adopted or approved watershed action plans, such as those developed pursuant to rules adopted by the agency then known as the **Puget Sound water quality authority for local planning and management of nonpoint source pollution;
(b) Conservation district projects that provide water quality and habitat improvements;
(c) Indian tribe projects that provide water quality and habitat improvements; or
(d) Projects that implement actions approved by a shellfish protection district under chapter 100, Laws of 1992.
(3) Funds shall not be awarded for the following activities:
(a) Administrative rule making;
(b) Planning; or
(c) Public education.
[ 2007 c 341 s 63; 1993 c 516 s 4.]


Reviser's note: *(1) The "environmental and forest restoration account" was created in RCW 43.21J.020 which was repealed by 2000 c 150 s 2, effective July 1, 2001.
**(2) The Puget Sound water quality authority and its powers and duties, pursuant to the Sunset Act, chapter 43.131 RCW, were terminated June 30, 1995, and repealed June 30, 1996. See 1990 c 115 ss 11 and 12. Powers, duties, and functions of the Puget Sound water quality authority pertaining to cleanup and protection of Puget Sound transferred to the Puget Sound action team by 1996 c 138 s 11. See RCW 90.71.903. For later enactment regarding the Puget Sound partnership, see chapter 90.71 RCW.
Effective date2007 c 341: See RCW 90.71.907.