PDFRCW 43.22A.050

Installer certificationTraining courseExamination.

The department shall prepare a written training course and examination to be administered to applicants for manufactured home installer certification. The examination shall be constructed to determine whether the applicant:
(1) Possesses general knowledge of the technical information and practical procedures that are necessary for manufactured home installation;
(2) Is familiar with the federal and state codes and administrative rules pertaining to manufactured homes; and
(3) Is familiar with the local government regulations as related to manufactured home installations.
The department shall certify the results of the examination and shall notify the applicant in writing whether the applicant has passed or failed the examination. An applicant who failed the examination may retake the training course and examination. The director may not limit the number of times that a person may take the training course and examination.
[ 1994 c 284 s 18. Formerly RCW 43.63B.030.]