PDFRCW 43.22A.100

Manufactured home installation training account.

The manufactured home installation training account is created in the state treasury. All receipts collected under this chapter and RCW 46.17.150 and any legislative appropriations for manufactured home installation training shall be deposited into the account. Moneys in the account may only be spent after appropriation. Expenditures from the account may only be used for the purposes of this chapter. Unexpended and unencumbered moneys that remain in the account at the end of the fiscal year do not revert to the state general fund but remain in the account, separately accounted for, as a contingency reserve.
[ 2011 c 158 § 3; 1994 c 284 § 23. Formerly RCW 43.63B.080.]


Transfer of residual funds to manufactured home installation training account2011 c 158: "Any residual balance of funds remaining in the manufactured housing account must be transferred to the manufactured home installation training account created in RCW 43.22A.100. The treasurer shall make the transfer after being notified by the office of financial management that it has completed the financial statement for fiscal year 2011, and no later than December 31, 2011." [ 2011 c 158 § 8.]