PDFRCW 43.24.140

Extension or modification of licensing, certification, or registration period authorizedRules and regulations, manner and content.

Notwithstanding any provision of law to the contrary which provides for a licensing period for any type of license subject to this chapter, the director of licensing may, from time to time, extend or otherwise modify the duration of any licensing, certification, or registration period, whether an initial or renewal period, if the director determines that it would result in a more economical or efficient operation of state government and that the public health, safety, or welfare would not be substantially adversely affected thereby. However, no license, certification, or registration may be issued or approved for a period in excess of four years, without renewal. Such extension, reduction, or other modification of a licensing, certification, or registration period shall be by rule or regulation of the department of licensing adopted in accordance with the provisions of chapter 34.05 RCW. Such rules and regulations may provide a method for imposing and collecting such additional proportional fee as may be required for the extended or modified period.
[ 1984 c 279 s 25; 1979 c 158 s 104; 1971 c 52 s 1.]


Severability1984 c 279: See RCW 18.130.901.