PDFRCW 43.42.020

Operating principleProviding information regarding permits.

(1) Principles of accountability and transparency shall guide the office in its operations. The office shall provide the following information regarding permits to citizens and businesses:
(a) An agency's average turnaround time from the date of application to date of decision for the required permit, licenses, or other necessary regulatory decisions, or the most relevant information the agency can provide, for projects of a comparable size and complexity;
(b) The information required for an agency to make a decision on a permit or regulatory requirement, including the agency's best estimate of the number of times projects of a similar size and complexity have been asked to clarify, improve, or provide supplemental information before a decision, and the expected agency response time, recognizing that changes in the project or other circumstances may change the information required; and
(c) An estimate of the maximum amount of costs in fees to be paid to state agencies, the type of any studies an agency expects to need, and the timing of any expected public processes for the project.
(2) This section does not create an independent cause of action, affect any existing cause of action, or establish time limits for purposes of RCW 64.40.020.
[ 2009 c 97 s 2; 2007 c 94 s 3; 2002 c 153 s 3.]