PDFRCW 43.42.030


The definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter unless the context clearly requires otherwise.
(1) "Director" means the director of the office of regulatory assistance.
(2) "Fully coordinated permit process" means a comprehensive coordinated permitting assistance approach supported by a written agreement between the project proponent, the office of regulatory assistance, and the agencies participating in the fully coordinated permit process.
(3) "General coordination services" means services that bring interested parties together to explore opportunities for cooperation and to resolve conflicts. General coordination services may be provided as a stand-alone event or as an element of broader project assistance, nonproject-related interagency coordination, or policy and planning teamwork.
(4) "Office" means the office of regulatory assistance established in RCW 43.42.010.
(5) "Permit" means any permit, license, certificate, use authorization, or other form of governmental review or approval required in order to construct, expand, or operate a project in the state of Washington.
(6) "Permit agency" means any state, local, or federal agency authorized by law to issue permits.
(7) "Project" means any activity, the conduct of which requires a permit or permits from one or more permit agencies.
(8) "Project proponent" means a citizen, business, or any entity applying for or seeking a permit or permits in the state of Washington.
(9) "Project scoping" means the identification of relevant issues and information needs of a project proponent and the permitting agencies, and reaching a common understanding regarding the process, timing, and sequencing for obtaining applicable permits.
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