PDFRCW 43.42A.005


On December 30, 2013, the Washington state auditor's office issued a performance audit report, finding that state agencies could shorten the time it takes to submit, review, and make decisions on business permit applications through simple improvements. In response to the performance audit findings, the legislature intends to improve the predictability and efficiency of permit decisions by making information about permitting assistance and timelines more readily available to the public. The legislature finds that providing citizens and businesses with better information about permit decisions will assist their planning and decision making, promoting economic development. Making permit performance data readily accessible to citizens helps them hold government accountable to a high level of customer service and timeliness. Finally, requiring agencies to track the time it takes to issue permits equips agency leaders with key information that can assist them in improving overall project schedules, better allocating resources, and identifying additional opportunities to better serve the public.
[ 2014 c 68 § 1.]