PDFRCW 43.42A.010


The definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter unless the context clearly requires otherwise.
(1) "Agency" means the following executive branch agencies and offices of statewide elected officials:
(a) Department of agriculture;
(b) Department of archaeology and historic preservation;
(c) Department of ecology;
(d) Department of fish and wildlife;
(e) Gambling commission;
(f) Department of health;
(g) Department of labor and industries;
(h) Department of licensing;
(i) *Liquor control board;
(j) Department of natural resources;
(k) Parks and recreation commission;
(l) Department of revenue;
(m) Department of transportation; and
(n) Utilities and transportation commission.
(2) "Office" means the office of regulatory assistance.
[ 2014 c 68 § 2.]


*Reviser's note: The "state liquor control board" was renamed the "state liquor and cannabis board" by 2015 c 70 § 3.