Chapter 43.52 RCW



HTMLPDF 43.52.250Definitions.
HTMLPDF 43.52.260Scope of authority.
HTMLPDF 43.52.272Power commission abolished.
HTMLPDF 43.52.290Members of the board of directors of an operating agencyCompensationMay hold other public positionIncompatibility of offices doctrine voided.
HTMLPDF 43.52.300Powers and duties of an operating agency.
HTMLPDF 43.52.3411Revenue bonds or warrants.
HTMLPDF 43.52.343Revenue bonds or warrantsSale by negotiation or advertisement and bid.
HTMLPDF 43.52.350Operating agencies to provide fishways, facilities and hatcheriesContracts.
HTMLPDF 43.52.360Operating agencyFormationAdditional projectsAppealsMembership, withdrawalDissolution.
HTMLPDF 43.52.370Operating agency board of directorsMembers, appointment, vote, term, etc.RulesProceedingsLimitation on powers and duties.
HTMLPDF 43.52.374Operating agency executive boardMembersTermsRemovalRulesProceedingsManaging directorCivil immunitiesDefense and indemnification.
HTMLPDF 43.52.375TreasurerAuditorPowers and dutiesOfficial bondsFunds.
HTMLPDF 43.52.378Executive boardAppointment of administrative auditorRetention of firm for performance auditsDuties of auditor and firmReports.
HTMLPDF 43.52.380Member's preference to buy energyApportionmentSurplus.
HTMLPDF 43.52.383Compliance with open public meetings act.
HTMLPDF 43.52.385Best interest of ratepayers to determine interest of agency.
HTMLPDF 43.52.391Powers and duties of operating agency.
HTMLPDF 43.52.395Maximum interest rate operating agency may pay member.
HTMLPDF 43.52.410Authority of city or district to contract for electric energy or falling waters.
HTMLPDF 43.52.430Appeals from director of department of ecology.
HTMLPDF 43.52.440Effect of chapter on "Columbia River Sanctuary Act."
HTMLPDF 43.52.450Chapter requirements are cumulativePreservation of rightsNot subject to utilities and transportation commission.
HTMLPDF 43.52.460Operating agency to pay in lieu of taxes.
HTMLPDF 43.52.470Operating agencyValidity of organization and existence.
HTMLPDF 43.52.515Application of Titles 9 and 9A RCW.
HTMLPDF 43.52.520Security forceAuthorized.
HTMLPDF 43.52.525Security forceCriminal history record information.
HTMLPDF 43.52.530Security forcePowers and dutiesRules on speed, operation, location of vehicles authorized.
HTMLPDF 43.52.535Security forceMembership in retirement system authorized.
HTMLPDF 43.52.550Plans for repayment of operating agency obligations maturing prior to planned operation of plant.
HTMLPDF 43.52.560Contracts for materials or work requiredSealed bids.
HTMLPDF 43.52.565Contracts for materials or work through competitive negotiationNuclear generating projects and associated facilities.
HTMLPDF 43.52.567Contracts for materials or work through competitive negotiationRenewable electrical energy generation projects.
HTMLPDF 43.52.570Purchase of materials by telephone or written quotation authorizedProcedure.
HTMLPDF 43.52.575Purchase of materials without competition authorized.
HTMLPDF 43.52.580Emergency purchase of materials or work by contract.
HTMLPDF 43.52.585Procedures for implementing RCW 43.52.560 through 43.52.580.
HTMLPDF 43.52.590Construction of RCW 43.52.560 through 43.52.585.
HTMLPDF 43.52.595Contracts for electric power and energy.
HTMLPDF 43.52.612Contract bid form.
HTMLPDF 43.52.910Construction1965 c 8.