PDFRCW 43.52.300

Powers and duties of an operating agency.

An operating agency formed under RCW 43.52.360 shall have authority:
(1) To generate, produce, transmit, deliver, exchange, purchase or sell electric energy and to enter into contracts for any or all such purposes.
(2) To construct, condemn, purchase, lease, acquire, add to, extend, maintain, improve, operate, develop and regulate plants, works and facilities for the generation and/or transmission of electric energy, either within or without the state of Washington, and to take, condemn, purchase, lease and acquire any real or personal, public or private property, franchise and property rights, including but not limited to state, county and school lands and properties, for any of the purposes herein set forth and for any facilities or works necessary or convenient for use in the construction, maintenance or operation of any such works, plants and facilities; provided that an operating agency shall not be authorized to acquire by condemnation any plants, works and facilities owned and operated by any city or district, or by a privately owned public utility. An operating agency shall be authorized to contract for and to acquire by lease or purchase from the United States or any of its agencies, any plants, works or facilities for the generation and transmission of electricity and any real or personal property necessary or convenient for use in connection therewith.
(3) To negotiate and enter into contracts with the United States or any of its agencies, with any state or its agencies, with Canada or its agencies or with any district or city of this state, for the lease, purchase, construction, extension, betterment, acquisition, operation and maintenance of all or any part of any electric generating and transmission plants and reservoirs, works and facilities or rights necessary thereto, either within or without the state of Washington, and for the marketing of the energy produced therefrom. Such negotiations or contracts shall be carried on and concluded with due regard to the position and laws of the United States in respect to international agreements.
(4) To negotiate and enter into contracts for the purchase, sale, exchange, transmission or use of electric energy or falling water with any person, firm or corporation, including political subdivisions and agencies *of any state, of Canada, or of the United States, at fair and nondiscriminating rates.
(5) To apply to the appropriate agencies of the state of Washington, the United States or any thereof, and to Canada and/or to any other proper agency for such permits, licenses or approvals as may be necessary, and to construct, maintain and operate works, plants and facilities in accordance with such licenses or permits, and to obtain, hold and use such licenses and permits in the same manner as any other person or operating unit.
(6) To establish rates for electric energy sold or transmitted by the operating agency. When any revenue bonds or warrants are outstanding the operating agency shall have the power and shall be required to establish and maintain and collect rates or charges for electric energy, falling water and other services sold, furnished or supplied by the operating agency which shall be fair and nondiscriminatory and adequate to provide revenues sufficient for the payment of the principal and interest on such bonds or warrants and all payments which the operating agency is obligated to set aside in any special fund or funds created for such purposes, and for the proper operation and maintenance of the public utility owned by the operating agency and all necessary repairs, replacements and renewals thereof.
(7) To act as agent for the purchase and sale at wholesale of electricity for any city or district whenever requested so to do by such city or district.
(8) To contract for and to construct, operate and maintain fishways, fish protective devices and facilities and hatcheries as necessary to preserve or compensate for projects operated by the operating agency.
(9) To construct, operate and maintain channels, locks, canals and other navigational, reclamation, flood control and fisheries facilities as may be necessary or incidental to the construction of any electric generating project, and to enter into agreements and contracts with any person, firm or corporation, including political subdivisions of any state, of Canada or the United States for such construction, operation and maintenance, and for the distribution and payment of the costs thereof.
(10) To employ legal, engineering and other professional services and fix the compensation of a managing director and such other employees as the operating agency may deem necessary to carry on its business, and to delegate to such manager or other employees such authority as the operating agency shall determine. Such manager and employees shall be appointed for an indefinite time and be removable at the will of the operating agency.
(11) To study, analyze and make reports concerning the development, utilization and integration of electric generating facilities and requirements within the state and without the state in that region which affects the electric resources of the state.
(12) To acquire any land bearing coal, uranium, geothermal, or other energy resources, within or without the state, or any rights therein, for the purpose of assuring a long-term, adequate supply of coal, uranium, geothermal, or other energy resources to supply its needs, both actual and prospective, for the generation of power and may make such contracts with respect to the extraction, sale, or disposal of such energy resources that it deems proper.
[ 1977 ex.s. c 184 s 4; 1975 1st ex.s. c 37 s 1; 1965 c 8 s 43.52.300. Prior: 1955 c 258 s 1; 1953 c 281 s 5.]


*Reviser's note: The comma following "of any state" appears to have been inadvertently omitted from 1975 1st ex.s. c 37 s 1 and from subsequent publications of this section. The comma has been restored by the code reviser, beginning with the 2018 publication of this section.