PDFRCW 43.52.375

TreasurerAuditorPowers and dutiesOfficial bondsFunds.

(1) The board of each joint operating agency shall by resolution appoint a treasurer. The treasurer shall be the chief financial officer of the operating agency, who shall report at least annually to the board a detailed statement of the financial condition of the operating agency and of its financial operations for the preceding fiscal year. The treasurer shall advise the board on all matters affecting the financial condition of the operating agency. Before entering upon his or her duties the treasurer shall give bond to the operating agency, with a surety company authorized to write such bonds in this state as surety, in an amount which the board finds by resolution will protect the operating agency against loss, conditioned that all funds which he or she receives as such treasurer will be faithfully kept and accounted for and for the faithful discharge of his or her duties. The amount of such bond may be decreased or increased from time to time as the board may by resolution direct.
(2) The board shall also appoint an auditor and may require him or her to give a bond with a surety company authorized to do business in the state of Washington in such amount as it shall by resolution prescribe, conditioned for the faithful discharge of his or her duties. The auditor shall report directly to the board and be responsible to it for discharging his or her duties.
(3) The premiums on the bonds of the auditor and the treasurer shall be paid by the operating agency. The board may provide for coverage of said officers and other persons on the same bond.
(4) All funds of the joint operating agency shall be paid to the treasurer and shall be disbursed by the treasurer only on checks or warrants issued by the auditor upon orders or vouchers approved by the board: PROVIDED, That the board by resolution may authorize the managing director or any other bonded officer or employee as legally permissible to approve or disapprove vouchers presented to defray salaries of employees and other expenses of the operating agency arising in the usual and ordinary course of its business, including expenses incurred by the board of directors, its executive committee, or the executive board in the performance of their duties. All moneys of the operating agency shall be deposited forthwith by the treasurer in such depositaries, and with such securities as are designated by rules of the board. The treasurer shall establish a general fund and such special funds as shall be created by the board, into which he or she shall place all money of the joint operating agency as the board by resolution or motion may direct.
(5) The board may adopt a policy for the payment of claims or other obligations of the operating agency, which are payable out of solvent funds, and may elect to pay such obligations by check or warrant. However, if the applicable fund is not solvent at the time payment is ordered, then no check may be issued and payment shall be by warrant. When checks are to be used, the board shall designate the qualified public depositary upon which the checks are to be drawn as well as the officers required or authorized to sign the checks. For the purposes of this chapter, "warrant" includes checks where authorized by this subsection.
[ 2009 c 173 s 1; 1982 1st ex.s. c 43 s 7; 1981 1st ex.s. c 3 s 3; 1965 c 8 s 43.52.375. Prior: 1957 c 295 s 4.]


SeverabilitySavings1982 1st ex.s. c 43: See notes following RCW 43.52.374.