PDFRCW 43.52.530

Security forcePowers and dutiesRules on speed, operation, location of vehicles authorized.

(1) Members of an operating agency security force authorized under RCW 43.52.520 may use reasonable force to detain, search, or remove persons who enter or remain without permission within the nuclear power plant site exclusion area or whenever, upon probable cause, it appears to a member of the security force that a person has committed or is attempting to commit a crime. Should any person be detained, the security force shall immediately notify the law enforcement agency, having jurisdiction over the nuclear power plant site, of the detainment. The security force is authorized to detain the person for a reasonable time until custody can be transferred to a law enforcement officer. Members of a security force may use that force necessary in the protection of persons and properties located within the confines of the nuclear power plant site exclusion area.
(2) An operating agency may adopt and enforce rules controlling the speed, operation, and location of vehicles on property owned or occupied by the operating agency. Such rules shall be conspicuously posted and persons violating the rules may be expelled or detained.
(3) The rights granted in subsection (1) of this section are in addition to any others that may exist by law including, but not limited to, the rights granted in RCW 9A.16.020(4).
[ 1981 c 301 s 3.]