PDFRCW 43.52.570

Purchase of materials by telephone or written quotation authorizedProcedure.

For the awarding of a contract to purchase any item or items of materials, equipment, or supplies in an amount exceeding five thousand dollars but less than seventy-five thousand dollars, exclusive of sales tax, the managing director or a designee may, in lieu of sealed bids, secure telephone and/or written quotations from at least five vendors, where practical, and award contracts for purchase of materials, equipment, or supplies to the lowest responsible bidder. The agency shall establish a procurement roster, which shall consist of suppliers and manufacturers who may supply materials or equipment to the operating agency, and shall provide for solicitations which will equitably distribute opportunity for bids among suppliers and manufacturers on the roster. Immediately after the award is made, the bid quotations obtained shall be recorded and shall be posted or otherwise made available for public inspection and copying pursuant to chapter 42.56 RCW at the office of the operating agency or any other officially designated location. Waiver of the deposit or bid bond required for sealed bids may be authorized by the operating agency in securing the bid quotations.
[ 2005 c 274 s 299; 1987 c 376 s 3.]