PDFRCW 43.62.020

Method of allocating state funds to cities and towns prescribed.

Whenever cities and towns of the state are, by law, allocated and entitled to be paid any funds or state moneys from any source, and the allocation and payment is required to be made on a populations basis, notwithstanding the provisions of any other law to the contrary, all such allocations shall be made on the basis of the population of the respective cities and towns as last determined by the office of financial management: PROVIDED, That the regular federal decennial census figures released for cities and towns shall be considered by the office of financial management in determining the population of cities and towns.
[ 1979 c 151 s 128; 1965 c 8 s 43.62.020. Prior: 1957 c 175 s 2; prior: (i) 1949 c 60 s 1; RRS s 5508-3. (ii) 1947 c 51 s 1; RRS s 5508-10.]