PDFRCW 43.70.045

Warren Featherstone Reid Award for Excellence in Health Care.

There is created an award to honor and recognize cost-effective and quality health care services. This award shall be known as the "Warren Featherstone Reid Award for Excellence in Health Care."
[ 1994 c 7 s 2.]


Finding1994 c 7: "The legislature recognizes the critical importance of ensuring that all Washington residents have access to quality and affordable health care. The legislature further recognizes that substantial improvements can be made in health care delivery when providers, including health care facilities, are encouraged to continuously strive for excellence in quality management practices, value, and consumer satisfaction. The legislature finds that when centers of quality are highlighted and honored publicly they become examples for other health care providers to emulate, thereby further promoting the implementation of improved health care delivery processes." [ 1994 c 7 s 1.]