PDFRCW 43.70.053

Hospital consolidated annual incomeReporting.

(1)(a) Beginning July 1, 2022, for a health system operating a hospital licensed under chapter 70.41 RCW, the health system must annually submit to the department a consolidated annual income statement and balance sheet, including hospitals, ambulatory surgical facilities, health clinics, urgent care clinics, physician groups, health-related laboratories, long-term care facilities, home health agencies, dialysis facilities, ambulance services, behavioral health settings, and virtual care entities that are operated in Washington.
(b) The state auditor's office shall provide the department with audited financial statements for all hospitals owned or operated by a public hospital district under chapter 70.44 RCW. Public hospital districts are not required to submit additional information to the department under this subsection.
(2) The department must make information submitted under this section available in the same manner as hospital financial data.
[ 2021 c 162 s 2.]