PDFRCW 43.70.090

Authority to administer oaths and issue subpoenasProvisions governing subpoenas.

(1) The secretary shall have full authority to administer oaths and take testimony thereunder, to issue subpoenas requiring the attendance of witnesses before the secretary together with all books, memoranda, papers, and other documents, articles or instruments, and to compel the disclosure by such witnesses of all facts known to them relative to the matters under investigation.
(2) Subpoenas issued in adjudicative proceedings shall be governed by RCW 34.05.588(1).
(3) Subpoenas issued in the conduct of investigations required or authorized by other statutory provisions or necessary in the enforcement of other statutory provisions shall be governed by RCW 34.05.588(2).
[ 1989 1st ex.s. c 9 s 252.]