PDFRCW 43.70.170

Threat to public healthInvestigation, examination or sampling of articles or conditions constitutingAccessSubpoena power.

The secretary on his or her own motion or upon the complaint of any interested party, may investigate, examine, sample or inspect any article or condition constituting a threat to the public health including, but not limited to, outbreaks of communicable diseases, food poisoning, contaminated water supplies, and all other matters injurious to the public health. When not otherwise available, the department may purchase such samples or specimens as may be necessary to determine whether or not there exists a threat to the public health. In furtherance of any such investigation, examination or inspection, the secretary or the secretary's authorized representative may examine that portion of the ledgers, books, accounts, memorandums, and other documents and other articles and things used in connection with the business of such person relating to the actions involved.
For purposes of such investigation, the secretary or the secretary's representative shall at all times have free and unimpeded access to all buildings, yards, warehouses, storage and transportation facilities or any other place. The secretary may also, for the purposes of such investigation, issue subpoenas to compel the attendance of witnesses, as provided for in RCW 43.70.090 or the production of books and documents anywhere in the state.
[ 1989 1st ex.s. c 9 s 256; 1979 c 141 s 53; 1967 ex.s. c 102 s 3. Formerly RCW 43.20A.640 and 43.20.150.]


Severability1967 ex.s. c 102: See note following RCW 43.70.130.