PDFRCW 43.70.340

Temporary worker housing inspection fundFees on temporary worker housing operating licenses and building permitsLicenses generally.

(1) The temporary worker housing fund is established in the custody of the state treasury. The department shall deposit all funds received under subsections (2) and (3) of this section and from the legislature to administer a temporary worker housing permitting, licensing, and inspection program conducted by the department. Disbursement from the fund shall be on authorization of the secretary of health or the secretary's designee. The fund is subject to the allotment procedure provided under chapter 43.88 RCW, but no appropriation is required for disbursements.
(2) There is imposed a fee on each operating license issued by the department to every operator of temporary worker housing that is regulated by the state board of health. In establishing the fee to be paid under this subsection the department shall consider the cost of administering a license as well as enforcing applicable state board of health rules on temporary worker housing.
(3) There is imposed a fee on each temporary worker housing building permit issued by the department to every operator of temporary worker housing as required by RCW 43.70.337. The fee shall include the cost of administering a permit as well as enforcing the department's temporary worker building code as adopted under RCW 70.114A.081.
(4) The department shall conduct a fee study for:
(a) A temporary worker housing operator's license;
(b) On-site inspections; and
(c) A plan review and building permit for new construction.
After completion of the study, the department shall adopt these fees by rule by no later than December 31, 1998.
(5) The term of the operating license and the application procedures shall be established, by rule, by the department.
[ 1998 c 37 s 7; 1990 c 253 s 3.]


Legislative finding and purpose1990 c 253: "The legislature finds that the demand for housing for migrant and seasonal farmworkers far exceeds the supply of adequate housing in the state of Washington. In addition, increasing numbers of these housing units are in deteriorated condition because they cannot be economically maintained and repaired.
The legislature further finds that the lack of a clear program for the regulation and inspection of farmworker housing has impeded the construction and renovation of housing units in this state.
It is the purpose of this act for the various agencies involved in the regulation of farmworker housing to coordinate and consolidate their activities to provide for efficient and effective monitoring of farmworker housing. It is intended that this action will provide greater responsiveness in dealing with public concerns over farmworker housing, and allow greater numbers of housing units to be built." [ 1990 c 253 s 1.]