PDFRCW 43.70.410

Head injury preventionProgram, generally.

As used in RCW 43.70.400 through 43.70.440, the term "head injury" means traumatic brain injury.
A head injury prevention program is created in the department of health. The program's functions may be integrated with those of similar programs to promote comprehensive, integrated, and effective health promotion and disease prevention.
In consultation with the traffic safety commission, the department shall, directly or by contract, identify and coordinate public education efforts currently underway within state government and among private groups to prevent traumatic brain injury, including, but not limited to, bicycle safety, pedestrian safety, bicycle passenger seat safety, motorcycle safety, motor vehicle safety, and sports safety. If the department finds that programs are not available or not in use, it may, within funds appropriated for the purpose, provide grants to promote public education efforts. Grants may be awarded only after recipients have demonstrated coordination with relevant and knowledgeable groups within their communities, including at least schools, brain injury support organizations, hospitals, physicians, traffic safety specialists, police, and the public. The department may accept grants, gifts, and donations from public or private sources to use to carry out the head injury prevention program.
The department may assess or contract for the assessment of the effectiveness of public education efforts coordinated or initiated by any agency of state government. Agencies are directed to cooperate with assessment efforts by providing access to data and program records as reasonably required. The department may seek and receive additional funds from the federal government or private sources for assessments. Assessments shall contain findings and recommendations that will improve the effectiveness of public education efforts. These findings shall be distributed among public and private groups concerned with traumatic brain injury prevention.
[ 1990 c 270 s 3.]


Bicycle awareness program: RCW 43.43.390.