PDFRCW 43.70.444

Washington plan for suicide preventionSteering committeeReport.

(1) The secretary, in consultation with the steering committee convened in subsection (3) of this section, shall develop a Washington plan for suicide prevention. The plan must, at a minimum:
(a) Examine data relating to suicide in order to identify patterns and key demographic factors;
(b) Identify key risk and protective factors relating to suicide; and
(c) Identify goals, action areas, and implementation strategies relating to suicide prevention.
(2) When developing the plan, the secretary shall consider national research and practices employed by the federal government, tribal governments, and other states, including the national strategy for suicide prevention. The plan must be written in a manner that is accessible, and useful to, a broad audience. The secretary shall periodically update the plan as needed.
(3) The secretary shall convene a steering committee to advise him or her in the development of the Washington plan for suicide prevention. The committee must consist of representatives from the following:
(a) Experts on suicide assessment, treatment, and management;
(b) Institutions of higher education;
(c) Tribal governments;
(d) The department of social and health services;
(e) The state department of veterans affairs;
(f) Suicide prevention advocates, at least one of whom must be a suicide survivor and at least one of whom must be a survivor of a suicide attempt;
(g) Primary care providers;
(h) Local health departments or districts; and
(i) Any other organizations or groups the secretary deems appropriate.
(4) The secretary shall complete the plan no later than November 15, 2015, publish the report on the department's website, and submit copies to the governor and the relevant standing committees of the legislature.
[ 2014 c 71 s 4.]