PDFRCW 43.70.600

Survey regarding exposure to radio frequenciesResults.

When funds are appropriated for this purpose, the department shall conduct a survey of scientific literature regarding the possible health effects of human exposure to the radio frequency part of the electromagnetic spectrum (300Hz to 300GHz). The department may submit the survey results to the legislature, prepare a summary of that survey, and make the summary available to the public. The department may update the survey and summary periodically.
[ 1998 c 245 s 78; 1996 c 323 s 6.]


Findings1996 c 323: "The legislature finds that concerns have been raised over possible health effects from exposure to some wireless telecommunications facilities, and that exposures from these facilities should be kept as low as reasonably achievable while still allowing the operation of these networks. The legislature further finds that the department of health should serve as the state agency that follows the issues and compiles information pertaining to potential health effects from wireless telecommunications facilities." [ 1996 c 323 s 1.]