PDFRCW 43.70.610

Domestic violence education programEstablishedFindings.

The legislature finds that domestic violence is the leading cause of injury among women and is linked to numerous health problems, including depression, abuse of alcohol and other drugs, and suicide. Despite the frequency of medical attention, few people are diagnosed as victims of spousal abuse. The department, in consultation with the disciplinary authorities as defined in RCW 18.130.040, shall establish, within available department general funds, an ongoing domestic violence education program as an integral part of its health professions regulation. The purpose of the education program is to raise awareness and educate health care professionals regarding the identification, appropriate treatment, and appropriate referral of victims of domestic violence. The disciplinary authorities having the authority to offer continuing education may provide training in the dynamics of domestic violence. No funds from the health professions account may be utilized to fund activities under this section unless the disciplinary authority authorizes expenditures from its proportions of the account. A disciplinary authority may defray costs by authorizing a fee to be charged for participants or materials relating to any sponsored program.
[ 1996 c 191 s 89.]