PDFRCW 43.70.680

Volunteers for emergency or disaster assistance.

(1) The department is authorized to contact persons issued credentials under this title for the purpose of requesting permission to collect his or her name, profession, and contact information as a possible volunteer in the event of a bioterrorism incident, natural disaster, public health emergency, or other emergency or disaster, as defined in RCW 38.52.010, that requires the services of health care providers.
(2) The department shall maintain a record of all volunteers who provide information under subsection (1) of this section. Upon request, the department shall provide the record of volunteers to:
(a) Local health departments;
(b) State agencies engaged in public health emergency planning and response, including the state military department;
(c) Agencies of other states responsible for public health emergency planning and response; and
(d) The centers for disease control and prevention.
[ 2003 c 384 s 1.]