PDFRCW 43.70.720

Universal vaccine purchase account.

The universal vaccine purchase account is created in the custody of the state treasurer. Receipts from public and private sources for the purpose of increasing access to vaccines for children may be deposited into the account. Expenditures from the account must be used exclusively for the purchase of vaccines, at no cost to health care providers in Washington, to administer to children under nineteen years old who are not eligible to receive vaccines at no cost through federal programs. Only the secretary or the secretary's designee may authorize expenditures from the account. The account is subject to allotment procedures under chapter 43.88 RCW, but an appropriation is not required for expenditures.
[ 2010 c 174 s 10; 2009 c 564 s 934.]


Effective date2010 c 174: See RCW 70.290.900.
Effective date2009 c 564: See note following RCW 2.68.020.