PDFRCW 43.71C.080

Pharmacy services administrative organizationsData reporting.

(1) Beginning October 1, 2019, and on a yearly basis thereafter, a pharmacy services administrative organization representing a pharmacy or pharmacy chain in the state must submit to the authority the following data from the previous calendar year:
(a) The negotiated reimbursement rate of the twenty-five prescription drugs with the highest reimbursement rate;
(b) The twenty-five prescription drugs with the largest year-to-year change in reimbursement rate, expressed as a percentage and dollar amount; and
(c) The schedule of fees charged to pharmacies for the services provided by the pharmacy services administrative organization.
(2) Any pharmacy services administrative organization whose revenue is generated from flat service fees not connected to drug prices or volume, and paid by the pharmacy, is exempt from reporting.
[ 2019 c 334 § 9.]