PDFRCW 43.79.019

Locally held accountsReviewRequested legislation to hold accounts in state treasury or custody of state treasurer.

By June 1, 2010, the office of financial management shall provide the state treasurer with a list of all funds or accounts held locally by any state agency. By October 31, 2010, the state treasurer, working with the office of financial management, shall review all locally held accounts, other than those held by institutions of higher education, and determine whether it would be financially advantageous to the state for those accounts to instead be held in the state treasury or in the custody of the state treasurer. When the treasurer deems it financially advantageous for local accounts to be held in the custody of the state treasurer or in the state treasury, he or she is encouraged to propose executive request legislation to effect those changes.
[ 2010 c 222 § 7.]


Intent2010 c 222: See note following RCW 43.08.150.