PDFRCW 43.99N.100

Total public shareState contribution limited.

(1) The total public share of a stadium and exhibition center shall not exceed three hundred million dollars. For the purposes of this section, "total public share" means all state and local funds expended for preconstruction and construction costs of the stadium and exhibition center, including proceeds of any bonds issued for the purposes of the stadium and exhibition center, tax revenues, and interest earned on the escrow account described in RCW 43.99N.030 and not including expenditures for deferred sales taxes.
(2) Sections 201 through 207, chapter 220, Laws of 1997 and this chapter constitute the entire state contribution for a stadium and exhibition center. The state will not make any additional contributions based on revised cost or revenue estimates, cost overruns, unforeseen circumstances, or any other reason.
[ 1997 c 220 § 218 (Referendum Bill No. 48, approved June 17, 1997).]