PDFRCW 43.101.020

Commission createdPurpose.

(1) There is hereby created and established a state commission to be known and designated as the Washington state criminal justice training commission.
(2) The purpose of the commission shall be to establish and administer standards and processes for certification, suspension, and decertification of peace officers and corrections officers. The commission shall provide programs and training that enhance the integrity, effectiveness, and professionalism of peace officers and corrections officers while helping to ensure that law enforcement and correctional services are delivered to the people of Washington in a manner that fully complies with the Constitutions and laws of this state and United States. In carrying out its duties, the commission shall strive to promote public trust and confidence in every aspect of the criminal justice system.
[ 2021 c 323 § 2; 1974 ex.s. c 94 § 2.]