PDFRCW 43.101.080

Commission powers and dutiesRules and regulations.

The commission shall have all of the following powers:
(1) Conduct training, including the basic law enforcement academy and in-service training, and assume legal, fiscal, and program responsibility for all training conducted by the commission;
(2) Grant, deny, suspend, or revoke certification of, or require remedial training for, peace officers and corrections officers under the provisions of this chapter;
(3) Grant, deny, suspend, or revoke certification of tribal police officers whose tribal governments have agreed to participate in the tribal police officer certification process;
(4) Related to its duties under subsections (2) and (3) of this section, provide for the comprehensive and timely investigation of complaints where necessary to ensure adherence to law and agency policy, strengthen the integrity and accountability of peace officers and corrections officers, and maintain public trust and confidence in the criminal justice system in this state;
(5) Establish, by rule and regulation, curricula and standards for the training of criminal justice personnel where such curricula and standards are not prescribed by statute;
(6) Own, establish, and operate, or contract with other qualified institutions or organizations for the operation of, training and education programs for criminal justice personnel;
(7) Review and approve or reject standards for instructors of training programs for criminal justice personnel, and employ personnel from law enforcement agencies on a temporary basis as instructors without any loss of employee benefits to those instructors from those agencies;
(8) Direct the development of alternative, innovative, and interdisciplinary training techniques;
(9) Review and approve or reject training programs conducted for criminal justice personnel and rules establishing and prescribing minimum training and education standards, including continuing education;
(10) Allocate financial resources among training and education programs conducted by the commission;
(11) Purchase, lease, or otherwise acquire, subject to the approval of the department of enterprise services, a training facility or facilities and allocate training facility space among training and education programs conducted by the commission;
(12) Issue diplomas certifying satisfactory completion of any training or education program conducted or approved by the commission to any person so completing such a program;
(13) Provide for the employment of such personnel as may be practical to serve as temporary replacements for any person engaged in a basic training program as defined by the commission;
(14) Establish rules and regulations prescribing minimum standards relating to physical, mental, and moral fitness which shall govern the recruitment of criminal justice personnel where such standards are not prescribed by statute or constitutional provision;
(15) Require county, city, port, or state law enforcement and corrections agencies that make a conditional offer of employment to an applicant as a fully commissioned peace officer, a reserve officer, or a corrections officer to administer a background investigation in accordance with the requirements of RCW 43.101.095 to determine the applicant's suitability for employment as a fully commissioned peace officer, reserve officer, or corrections officer;
(16) Appoint members of a hearings panel as provided under RCW 43.101.380;
(17) Issue public recommendations to the governing body of a law enforcement agency regarding the agency's command decisions, inadequacy of policy or training, investigations or disciplinary decisions regarding misconduct, potential systemic violations of law or policy, unconstitutional policing, or other matters;
(18) Promote positive relationships between law enforcement and the residents of the state of Washington through commissioners and staff participation in the "chief for a day program." The executive director shall designate staff who may participate. In furtherance of this purpose, the commission may accept grants of funds and gifts and may use its public facilities for such purpose. At all times, the participation of commissioners and staff shall comply with chapter 42.52 RCW and chapter 292-110 WAC;
(19) Adopt, amend, repeal, and administer rules and regulations pursuant to the administrative procedure act, chapter 34.05 RCW, and the open public meetings act, chapter 42.30 RCW.
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Finding2008 c 69: See note following RCW 43.101.010.