PDFRCW 43.101.250

Firearms certificate program for *private detectives.

The commission shall establish a program for issuing firearms certificates to *private detectives for the purposes of obtaining armed *private detective licenses. The commission shall adopt rules establishing the fees, training requirements, and procedures for obtaining and annually renewing firearms certificates. The fees charged by the commission shall recover the costs incurred by the commission in administering the firearms certificate program.
(1) Firearms training must be provided by an organization or trainer approved by the commission and must consist of at least eight hours of classes and proficiency training.
(2) Applications for firearms certificates shall be filed with the commission on a form provided by the commission. The commission may require any information and documentation that reasonably relates to the need to determine whether the applicant qualifies for a firearms certificate. Applicants must:
(a) Be at least twenty-one years of age;
(b) Possess a current *private detective license; and
(c) Present a written request from the owner or qualifying agent of a licensed *private detective agency that the applicant be issued a firearms certificate.
(3) The commission shall consult with the private security industry and law enforcement before adopting or amending the training requirements of this section.
(4) The commission may adopt rules that are reasonable and necessary for the effective implementation and administration of this section consistent with chapter 34.05 RCW.
[ 1991 c 328 s 28.]


*Reviser's note: "Private detective" redesignated "private investigator" by 1995 c 277.