PDFRCW 43.101.272

Sexual assault and gender-based violenceTraining for persons investigating.

(1) Subject to the availability of amounts appropriated for this specific purpose, the commission shall provide ongoing specialized, intensive, and integrative training for persons responsible for investigating sexual assault and other gender-based violence involving adult victims, and the highest ranking supervisors and commanders overseeing sexual assault and other gender-based violence investigations. The training must be based on a victim-centered, trauma-informed approach to responding to sexual assault. Among other subjects, the training must include content on the neurobiology of trauma and trauma-informed interviewing, counseling, and investigative techniques.
(2) The training must: Be based on research-based practices and standards; offer participants an opportunity to practice interview skills and receive feedback from instructors; minimize the trauma of all persons who are interviewed during abuse investigations; provide methods of reducing the number of investigative interviews necessary whenever possible; assure, to the extent possible, that investigative interviews are thorough, objective, and complete; recognize needs of special populations; recognize the nature and consequences of victimization; require investigative interviews to be conducted in a manner most likely to permit the interviewed persons the maximum emotional comfort under the circumstances; address record retention and retrieval; address documentation of investigative interviews; and educate investigators on the best practices for notifying victims of the results of forensic analysis of sexual assault kits and other significant events in the investigative process, including for active investigations and cold cases.
(3) In developing the training, the commission shall seek advice from the Washington association of sheriffs and police chiefs, the Washington coalition of sexual assault programs, and experts on sexual assault, gender-based violence, and the neurobiology of trauma. The commission shall consult with the Washington association of prosecuting attorneys in an effort to design training containing consistent elements for all professionals engaged in interviewing and interacting with sexual assault victims in the criminal justice system.
(4) Officers assigned to regularly investigate sexual assault and other gender-based violence involving adult victims and the highest ranking supervisors and commanders overseeing those investigations shall complete the training within one year of being assigned.
[ 2023 c 197 § 3; 2019 c 93 § 5; 2017 c 290 § 3.]