PDFRCW 43.105.230

State agency information technology portfolioBasis for decisions and plans.

A state agency information technology portfolio shall serve as the basis for making information technology decisions and plans which may include, but are not limited to:
(1) System refurbishment, acquisitions, and development efforts;
(2) Setting goals and objectives for using information technology;
(3) Assessments of information processing performance, resources, and capabilities;
(4) Ensuring the appropriate transfer of technological expertise for the operation of new systems developed using external resources;
(5) Guiding new investment demand, prioritization, selection, performance, and asset value of technology and telecommunications; and
(6) Progress toward providing electronic access to public information.
[ 2015 3rd sp.s. c 1 § 205; 2011 1st sp.s. c 43 § 709. Formerly RCW 43.41A.040.]


Effective date2015 3rd sp.s. c 1 §§ 101-109, 201-224, 406-408, 410, 501-507, 601, and 602: See note following RCW 43.105.007.
Effective datePurpose2011 1st sp.s. c 43: See notes following RCW 43.19.003.