PDFRCW 43.114.060

Powers of commission.

(1) The commission has the power to receive gifts, grants, and endowments from public or private sources that are made for the use or benefit of the commission and to expend the same or any income therefrom according to their terms and the purpose of this chapter. The commission's executive director shall make a report of such funds received from private sources to the office of financial management on a regular basis. Such funds received from private sources must not be applied to reduce or substitute for the commission's budget as appropriated by the legislature, but must be applied and expended toward projects and functions authorized by this chapter that were not funded by the legislature.
(2) In carrying out its duties, the commission may establish such relationships with public and private institutions, local governments, private industry, community organizations, and other segments of the general public as may be needed to promote equal opportunity for LGBTQ people in government, education, economic security, employment, and services.
(3) The commission may adopt rules and regulations pursuant to chapter 34.05 RCW as are necessary to implement the purpose of this chapter.
[ 2019 c 395 s 7.]