PDFRCW 43.131.061

Sunset termination and reviewPerformance measuresMinimum period for sunset termination. (Expires June 30, 2025.)

(1) Any entity may be scheduled for sunset termination and review under this chapter by law.
(2) An entity scheduled for sunset termination shall establish performance measures, as required under subsection (3) of this section, and must be evaluated, in part, in terms of the results. The entity has the burden of demonstrating the extent to which performance results have been achieved. The sunset termination legislation shall name a lead entity, if more than one entity is impacted by scheduled termination. The affected entity or lead entity has the responsibility for developing and implementing a data collection plan and submitting the resulting performance information to the joint legislative audit and review committee.
(3) An entity shall develop performance measures and a data collection plan and submit them for review and comment to the joint legislative audit and review committee within one year of the effective date of the legislation establishing the sunset termination.
(4) Unless specified otherwise, sunset terminations under this chapter shall be a minimum of seven years. The joint legislative audit and review committee shall complete its review in the year prior to the date of termination.
[ 2000 c 189 s 5.]