PDFRCW 43.131.090

Termination of entityProceduresEmployee transfersProperty dispositionFunds and moneysRulesContracts. (Expires June 30, 2025.)

Unless the legislature specifies a shorter period of time, a terminated entity shall continue in existence until June 30th of the next succeeding year for the purpose of concluding its affairs: PROVIDED, That the powers and authority of the entity shall not be reduced or otherwise limited during this period. Unless otherwise provided:
(1) All employees of terminated entities classified under chapter 41.06 RCW, the state civil service law, shall be transferred as appropriate or as otherwise provided in the procedures adopted by the director of financial management pursuant to RCW 41.06.150;
(2) All documents and papers, equipment, or other tangible property in the possession of the terminated entity shall be delivered to the custody of the entity assuming the responsibilities of the terminated entity or if such responsibilities have been eliminated, documents and papers shall be delivered to the state archivist and equipment or other tangible property to the department of enterprise services;
(3) All funds held by, or other moneys due to, the terminated entity shall revert to the fund from which they were appropriated, or if that fund is abolished to the general fund;
(4) Notwithstanding the provisions of RCW 34.05.020, all rules made by a terminated entity shall be repealed, without further action by the entity, at the end of the period provided in this section, unless assumed and reaffirmed by the entity assuming the related legal responsibilities of the terminated entity;
(5) All contractual rights and duties of an entity shall be assigned or delegated to the entity assuming the responsibilities of the terminated entity, or if there is none to such entity as the governor shall direct.
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Expiration date2011 1st sp.s. c 43 § 459: "Section 459 of this act expires June 30, 2015." [ 2011 1st sp.s. c 43 § 482.]
Effective datePurpose2011 1st sp.s. c 43: See notes following RCW 43.19.003.
Expiration date2002 c 354 § 230: "Section 230 of this act expires June 30, 2015." [ 2002 c 354 § 412.]
Short titleHeadings, captions not lawSeverabilityEffective dates2002 c 354: See RCW 41.80.907 through 41.80.910.
Effective date1993 c 281: See note following RCW 41.06.022.