PDFRCW 43.143.005

Legislative findings.

(1) Washington's coastal waters, seabed, and shorelines are among the most valuable and fragile of its natural resources.
(2) Ocean and marine-based industries and activities, such as fishing, aquaculture, tourism, and marine transportation have played a major role in the history of the state and will continue to be important in the future.
(3) Washington's coastal waters, seabed, and shorelines are faced with conflicting use demands. Some uses may pose unacceptable environmental or social risks at certain times.
(4) The state of Washington has primary jurisdiction over the management of coastal and ocean natural resources within three miles of its coastline. From three miles seaward to the boundary of the two hundred mile exclusive economic zone, the United States federal government has primary jurisdiction. Since protection, conservation, and development of the natural resources in the exclusive economic zone directly affect Washington's economy and environment, the state has an inherent interest in how these resources are managed.
[ 1997 c 152 § 1; 1989 1st ex.s. c 2 § 8.]