PDFRCW 43.143.030

Planning and project review criteria.

(1) When the state of Washington and local governments develop plans for the management, conservation, use, or development of natural resources in Washington's coastal waters, the policies in RCW 43.143.010 shall guide the decision-making process.
(2) Uses or activities that require federal, state, or local government permits or other approvals and that will adversely impact renewable resources, marine life, fishing, aquaculture, recreation, navigation, air or water quality, or other existing ocean or coastal uses, may be permitted only if the criteria below are met or exceeded:
(a) There is a demonstrated significant local, state, or national need for the proposed use or activity;
(b) There is no reasonable alternative to meet the public need for the proposed use or activity;
(c) There will be no likely long-term significant adverse impacts to coastal or marine resources or uses;
(d) All reasonable steps are taken to avoid and minimize adverse environmental impacts, with special protection provided for the marine life and resources of the Columbia river, Willapa Bay and Grays Harbor estuaries, and Olympic national park;
(e) All reasonable steps are taken to avoid and minimize adverse social and economic impacts, including impacts on aquaculture, recreation, tourism, navigation, air quality, and recreational, commercial, and tribal fishing;
(f) Compensation is provided to mitigate adverse impacts to coastal resources or uses;
(g) Plans and sufficient performance bonding are provided to ensure that the site will be rehabilitated after the use or activity is completed; and
(h) The use or activity complies with all applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations.
[ 1989 1st ex.s. c 2 s 11.]