PDFRCW 43.155.010

Legislative findings and policy.

The legislature finds that there exists in the state of Washington over four billion dollars worth of critical projects for the planning, acquisition, construction, repair, replacement, rehabilitation, or improvement of streets and roads, bridges, water systems, and storm and sanitary sewage systems. The December, 1983 Washington state public works report prepared by the planning and community affairs agency documented that local governments expect to be capable of financing over two billion dollars worth of the costs of those critical projects but will not be able to fund nearly half of the documented needs.
The legislature further finds that Washington's local governments have unmet financial needs for solid waste disposal, including recycling, and encourages the board to make an equitable geographic distribution of the funds.
It is the policy of the state of Washington to encourage self-reliance by local governments in meeting their public works needs and to assist in the financing of critical public works projects by making loans, grants, financing guarantees, and technical assistance available to local governments for these projects.
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