PDFRCW 43.185B.009


The objectives of the Washington housing policy act shall be to attain the state's goal of a decent home in a healthy, safe environment for every resident of the state by strengthening public and private institutions that are able to:
(1) Develop an adequate and affordable supply of housing for all economic segments of the population, including the destitute;
(2) Identify and reduce the causal factors preventing the state from reaching its goal;
(3) Assist very low-income and special needs households who cannot obtain affordable, safe, and adequate housing in the private market;
(4) Encourage and maintain homeownership opportunities;
(5) Reduce life-cycle housing costs while preserving public health and safety;
(6) Preserve the supply of existing affordable housing;
(7) Provide housing for special needs populations;
(8) Ensure fair and equal access to the housing market;
(9) Increase the availability of mortgage credit at low interest rates; and
(10) Coordinate and be consistent with the goals, objectives, and required housing element of the comprehensive plan in the state's growth management act in RCW 36.70A.070.
[ 2005 c 484 § 23; 1993 c 478 § 3.]


FindingsConflict with federal requirementsEffective date2005 c 484: See RCW 43.185C.005, 43.185C.901, and 43.185C.902.